January 23, 2020

DIY: Make a Scarf Scrunchie Without Sewing Machine

This scrunchie project can be done without a sewing machine and it is suitable for starters who want to try out sewing. Scrunchie can also be made using a pre-loved garment since it doesn't require much fabric. 
  • Rectangular fabric 45cm (L) x 9cm (W) for scrunchie
  • Safety pin
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • 1/4" elastic band (16-18cm) I used 17cm and overlap 1.5cm for more security

  • Small scarf ribbon: Square fabric 16cm x 16cm
  • Large scarf ribbon: Square fabric 38cm x 38cm
  • Polka dot denim: 90cm x 10cm (5mm seam allowance)
  • Gingnam bunny ears: 
  • Download pattern, 5mm seam allowance is included. PDF size is A4, print pattern is true to size. Cut fabric x 2 pieces
  • Assorted sizes for bunny ears:
  • Download pattern, 5mm seam allowance is included. PDF size is A4, print pattern is 1/2 scale. Cut fabric x 2 pieces
Steps for Scrunchie without sewing machine (Watch tutorial below)
Challenge level: 1/5
  1. Start by cutting a rectangular piece 45cm by 9cm 
  2. Fold 1cm inwards from one of the ends on the wrong side
  3. Iron press the fabric into half on the wrong side so it’s easier to sew
  4. Using a sewing needle, sew the top from one end to the other end, 1cm down from edge
  5. Make sure the gap between the stitches is not too far apart 
  6. Use a chopstick to turn the tube out. Iron press it so tube is nice and flat
  7. Measure 17cm and cut the 1/4inch elastic band
  8. Hook the safety pin at one end. Put it through the tube and leave about 1cm of the end dangling outside, use a pin to secure elastic to fabric
  9. Slide the safety pin through and scrunch the fabric as you go. Pull the elastic out and pin it to the fabric 
  10. Tug gently to make sure it doesn’t slip back in. Remove the safety pin
  11. Prepare sewing needle and thread. Overlap the ends of elastic
  12. Sew through the overlaps several times until it is secure
  13. Remove the pins and tuck the raw ends into the side that has 1cm folded inwards
  14. Pin to secure, sew it down, about 5mm from edge
  15. When sewing, make sure to catch all fabrics, including the elastic band
Steps for Scarf ribbon with no-sew finishing (Watch tutorial below)
Since I’m using a polyester/synthetic fabric, I can finish the edges with the burning technique or with nail polish. 

Small scarf ribbon with clear nail polish:
  1. Cut a small square 16 by 16cm and make sure to trim off the fraying edges
  2. Use clips and cups to hold the fabric in place
  3. Drip off excess nail polish before running the brush through the edges
  4. Once the sides are done, work on the corners
Large scarf ribbon with burning technique (candle):
  1. Cut a 38 by 38cm square and trim off fraying edges
  2. Run the edge through the flame swiftly, don’t hold it there as the fabric edge melts really quickly 
  3. Finish all sides and corners
Folding the scarf ribbons:
  1. Fold the bottom flap upwards and the top flap downwards
  2. Make 2 -4 more folds before folding it into half and tying to the scrunchie
For 1 layer/single piece (synthetic/natural), other finishing options include overlocking (machine), zig zag stitches (machine) or blanket stitch (hand)

For natural fabrics such as cotton and silk, the burning technique will not work. Read on for double-faced finishing (2 layers)


Steps for bunny ears is same as dramatic ribbon bow above. Hope you guys have fun with this project, let me know if you have any questions!


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