August 18, 2019

DIY: Cat Hoodie

Our friend got us couple hoodies few years back and I decided to make a matching hoodie for Butter too since he joined our family last year. 

  • Fabric
  • Iron on fuse tape
  • Matching thread
  • Measuring tape
  • Clipper
  • Fabric scissors
  • Your furkid for measurements. 
Download the pattern [click]
PDF size is A4, print pattern is true to size.
Pattern size is based on Butter’s measurements, he is a medium sized Siberian Forest male cat, he weighs 5kg. Pattern includes 1cm seam allowances all around except for hood opening which is 2cm

  1. Measure neck circumference, give about 2 finger spacing for a comfortable fit
  2. Measure length of back down from the back neck 
  3. Measure chest circumference
  4. Measure shoulder line from where the arm bone starts 
  5. For the hood, measure from back neck to nose and add about 5 to 8 cm 
  6. With these basic measurements, you’ll be able to edit the template. 
  1. After cutting the fabric, you should have 1 back piece, 1 front piece, 2 pieces for hood and a pocket piece
  2. I’ll be putting the GAP logo appliqué on the hoodie, this is an optional step, you can put your pet’s name instead. 
  3. The best fabric choice for these cut out lettering is felt so it doesn’t fray, I’m using a cotton fabric so I’ll have to finish the edges with zig zag stitching. 
  4. We will also need to measure the length of neckline, armholes and bottom hem to cut 4 long strips of self fabric on bias, I will explain more in the later part. 
  5. First I mark the placement of the pocket so I can gauge where to place the GAP logo
  6. Cut the iron on fuse tape and place them on the wrong side of logo fabric before pressing it down with an iron. 
  7. Peel off the paper, place on hoodie, use a scrap fabric to cover before ironing to protect both hoodie and logo fabrics. The glue should melt and the logo will stick on to the hoodie, do the same for the rest
  8. I’m finishing the logo raw edges with zig zag stitching, my main reason is to achieve the white outline effect seen on the original Gap hoodie. You can use felt fabric and skip this step. 
  9. Now the logo is all sewn up, start by sewing the pocket. Fold, pin and stitch down the side edges of pocket. 
  10. Fold the top pocket and attach it to the hoodie by stitching down. Finish the pocket by folding the bottom and stitching it down to hoodie. 
  11. Attach side seams of front & back pieces. I used the french seam method so I sewed on the right side of fabrics. You can also use overlocking for the edges. 
  12. Attach the shoulder seams. This fabric is quite thick so you can trim off half of the seam allowances so its easier to finish the french seams. 
  13. Now working on the wrong side, I make sure to iron and enclose the first seam properly before sewing 0.5cm from edge down. Do the same for the remaining side seam and shoulder seams. 
  14. Flip it out and you can see the frayed edges are now concealed. 
  15. I’m finishing the bottom hem with a bias strip. Measure the total length, add 3cm and cut out a 2cm width long strip on bias 
  16. Pin the strip along the edge of the right side of hoodie, stitch 0.5cm from edge all around, leave 1.5cm as the seam allowance on each end. Sew both ends together and trim off the excess. 
  17. Turn and fold the binding to the other side, press and pin it in place. The raw edges will be encased in the binding. 
  18. Stitch the binding down, about 0.6cm all around. Repeat the same process for armholes. 
  19. I’m using the french seam method again for the hood for a clean finish, sew 0.5cm down on the right side of fabric
  20. Trim off half of the seam allowances. Turn the hood out, iron and enclose the first seam properly before sewing 0.5cm from edge down. 
  21. I pushed the french seam to one side and top stitch it down, 0.5cm from middle line so the curve is more defined. 
  22. Fold the hood opening 2 times, each fold is 1cm. Top stitch 0.5cm from edge all the way down. 
  23. Attach the hood neckline to the bodice neckline by sewing 1cm from edge all around
  24. Use the bias tape binding method to finish the neckline, just like for hem and armholes
  25. Measure the neckline, add 3cm and cut the strip on bias
  26. Turn and fold the binding to the other side, press and pin it in place. 
  27. Stitch the binding down, about 0.6cm from edge all around. 
*You can also use overlocking or zig zag stitching to finish the edges instead of french seam and bias tape binding. It's a lot easier and faster. Recommended for sewing beginners.

If you're trying one for your furkid, do tag me on Instagram, I hope you will have fun and make a cosy hoodie for your cat/dog! Till next time! xx


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