April 16, 2019

Digital De-clutter Experiment

For the past 2 months, I haven't been checking or posting on social media because I was trying out a digital de-clutter experiment for my study. Sorry guys I have been missing a lot of your posts.

A digital de-clutter does not exclude the use of mobile phones, excess to internet or express a sign of Luddism. A digital de-clutter is part of the digital minimalism movement.

Digital Minimalism is a philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value, and then happily miss out on everything else.” - Cal Newport, Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy World

There are many things that happened in the past few months that I wanted to share at that instant but I just thought of pacing myself and taking it slow. Then.. I took it reallll slow, haha it wasn't very difficult for me to not browse IG/FB and use them less than 5 minutes a day as I was swamped with work. I could have posted during breaks but I chose to let my mind rest to focus on other more important things.

Today I finally took some time to share the key moments that happened in between:

I completed sewing my full-canvassed menswear jacket. Woohoo! SOOO much hand-sewing and I'm glad it turned out better than I expected.

I had a mini design lab showcase 'Coding, Sensing, Making'. I designed a mini game with Shirley and Dana, did laser cutting and coding data into motion graphics

More photos here: https://acesresearchlog.blogspot.com/2019/03/design-lab-mini-showcase.html

My year 2 students presented their sustainable collections down the runway at Eden Hall last month, the British High Commissioner’s official residence in Singapore. The show was a success, I'm really proud of them as we rushed the toiles and actual outfits all in 2 months, especially when its the first time they tried out creative pattern construction with avant garde structuring, its a steep learning curve but they did it in the end. 

Had a lovely staycation at Le Méridien, Sentosa with Jason exactly 1 month ago, it was a good break amidst the hectic schedule, it was also liberating as we didn't use much of our phones and really focused on being in the present. We played VR games, explored Sentosa, went to see the inflatables (Gudetama, etc) at the beach and ate Dancing Crab for dinner. 

Went for wakeboarding with the girls two weeks back and it was hella lot of fun. The first time Jason and I tried at Bali, I didn't succeed standing as the whole session was too short, less than 15 minutes for each. This time I learnt how to shift from left to right and let go of my left hand, it was super thrilling and it was a long time since I felt a sense of adrenaline. This was a lot more fun than parkour and I really need to convince Jason to try again.

Went for the Prudential Carnival again with Jason to finish up our tokens, took the Pirate ship and it was quite a height, I missed playing these rides. 

Our previous loots

Butterboy has learnt every single possible way to break out of his room at 4am every day to howl so loudly to get into our room. He knows how to pry open, push open or squeeze himself out. We tried stoppers and even putting blockages like chairs lol. We are running out of ideas so maybe we will just install a lock on the glass doors. This is him looking pissy after a bath and sitting on his daddy's laptop. 

Had a DIY workshop with Dion two weeks ago, where I taught him how to make and sew a laptop sleeve. Can't believe we managed to do it in 5 hours and he rushed off to catch a flight after that. Jason made dinner for us when we were sewing. <3

Had my viva yesterday and here's my concept map. My MA research topic is on Digital Dementia, here's my online research log if you would like to read more about it. Semester 1 is done, now I have to plan my residency programs, start design briefs, analyse more case studies with interviews and then two more semesters to go!

Celebrated dad's 65th birthday last night with a beautiful cake <3

Lastly, I finally shot another DIY video! It's a new video series titled ' Challenge Accepted', I invited my first guest, Jes to take up a sewing challenge and I'm in the midst of editing the vid, we can't wait to share with you guys! xx 



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