January 29, 2019

Taking it slow

Hey guys, I'm back with a personal update, I'm still trying to recover from my uveitis, its no longer just anterior, there's also bilateral intermediate uveitis too. :( It's not crippling but there's a lot of discomfort. I've planned out my next 3 tutorials and we have several collaborations in place. Jes and I scheduled the shoot on Sunday but Jell was gonna pop in the morning, I drove her to the hospital and I wanted to be there for her and Jackson. The car ride was intense, I still get anxiety behind wheels. I delayed 3 years after passing final theory before I decided to take practical lessons because I convinced myself maybe someday there will be an emergency and someone may need my help. There was this indescribable feeling when I saw baby Jovelle, I felt really useful for the first time in my life.
Photo source: LA Johnson

We will be shooting the next tutorial after CNY, I am taking it slower for this DIY venture as I want to spend more time on my research (masters) and teaching. I am afraid that I'm unable to cope as other than my classes in Singapore, I'm also developing materials, planning curriculum and marking assignments for UOP degree modules at MDIS tashkent, its a new course and I've taken up the role of module leader.

I'm documenting most of my research exercises and creative pursuits here: https://acesresearchlog.blogspot.com
If you can't find me, I'm most likely over there. I appreciate and welcome any input and discussion for my research topics, so do leave a comment if you have something to share with me. I'll see you over there and of course, very soon here too! xx


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