December 4, 2018

DIY: Quilted Leather Purse Belt

In my recent tutorial, I shared how to sew a clear pvc purse belt, this post will cover the quilted leather purse belt, the dimensions are the same as the PVC version, the only difference is sewing the quilted front & back. The original inspiration comes from Gucci Marmont matelasse leather belt bag.

  • Leather / Pleather (1.3 metre) 
  • Quilt batting (1/4 metre)
  • 1.5 metres of piping cord
  • Two 38mm square rings
  • One 12inch metal zip
  • Pilot's Frixion ink roller ball pen (I bought green as my leather is dark olive)
  • Craft clips or pegs
  • Matching thread
  • Thread clipper 
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine, I’m using an industrial machine but the purse can be sewn using domestic machine too. 

Download the pattern here
PDF size is A4, pattern is 1/4 scale.
1cm seam allowance is included.


1. Print the pattern and transfer the quilt lines to the leather. I mark the end points on the leather and join the lines by using Pilot's Frixion ink roller ball pen (below). The ink colour will disappear with friction after sewing the purse belt.

2. Cut two rectangles of quilt batting, 32cm x 20cm, 1 for front, 1 for back. It will be easier to sew when the quilt batting is larger than the oval pattern. Use clips or pegs to hold the top leather piece and quilt batting in place. 

3. I started from the middle to hold the pieces in place and went on to sew the diagonal lines and pivoted the needle at the peaks. 

4. Once done, I cut off the excess of quilt batting all around, following the leather's oval shape. I do the same for the other piece. 

5. Next, I placed another oval shaped piece at the bottom of sewn quilt, I didn't have enough leather scraps so I used microfibre fabric. Secure pieces together by sewing 6mm from edge all around. 

6. Most of the Frixion ink should disappear at this point, for the remaining last ink bits I used a slightly damp tissue to wipe them off. 

7. Once the front and back pieces are completed and all cleaned up, I'm ready to sew the whole purse belt. 

The steps in this post only cover the quilted parts, if you're looking on how to construct and sew the purse belt, you can find the full tutorial here, the steps are exactly the same.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I bought the leather scraps at ESTA, they're a company that produces for local Singapore brands, they sell deadstock fabrics and leftover materials at very affordable prices, they're located at Blk 115A, Commonwealth Drive, #04-07/09, 149596, do give them a call (6438 8012) before visiting and Yvonne will be able to guide you if you want to look for specific fabrics. Do tag me on instagram @acetually when you try this tutorial! xx

Photos by Jason.



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