November 3, 2018

DIY: Bralette Set (Part 2 - Shorts)

Back writing for part 2 of the bralette set, which features the incredibly comfy pair of shorts inspired by Free People. <3 You can find the bralette top post with the downloadable pattern here. The pattern for shorts is also available for download below but you may need to grade it to fit better. So I did another set in black satin with matching shoulder straps cut in self fabric but I still like the dusty pink set more, what about you? ;)

  • Fabric - I used silk but if its too slippery to manage, you can opt for cotton or rayon as alternatives. 
  • 5mm wide elastic cord 
  • Matching thread
  • Thread clipper
  • Dressmaker pins
  • Fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine

Download the pattern here
PDF size is A4, pattern is 1/4 scale.
1cm seam allowance is included. 

  1. Take one front piece and one back piece to attach the side seams. I'm using the french seam method for a clean finish
  2. Join the side seams on the right side of fabric by sewing 5mm from fabric edge
  3. Trim off 2mm of seam allowance, turn the pieces out, iron press the edges before sewing 5mm from the edge. Do the same for the other side
  4. Take the curved portion of front pieces, which is also the crotch area
  5. Sew 5mm from fabric edge on the right side, trim off 2mm excess, turn the pieces out, iron press the edges before sewing 5mm from the edge
  6. Do the same for the back. You can choose to sew the crotch area before the side seams, either way works. Other than french seam, you can also finish the raw edges by overlocking or zigzag stitching. 
  7. Sew the inner thigh seams on the right side, 5mm from fabric edge, trim off 2mm, turn the pieces out and sew 5mm from edge on the wrong side. 
  8. Sew a casing to insert elastic cord, fold 1 cm from edge of waist and run a stitch 
  9. Fold another 1.5cm, we need to leave an opening to insert the elastic
  10. Place two pins on centre front, 2.5cm from each other to remind me where to start and where to stop sewing. 
  11. Sew all around and stop at second pin. If you’re inserting a drawstring, you’ll have to create 2 buttonholes on the centre front before stitching this casing. 
  12. Measure your elastic and cut it with additional 2cm seam allowances
  13. Use a large safety pin and insert the elastic through the opening, use the safety pin to help pull the elastic all the way through so it comes out on the other side. 
  14. Overlap the ends of your elastic by 1cm and stitch down, run through a few times so its strong and secure. Finish your casing by sewing the opening shut
  15. Stretch the elastic waistband and distribute the gathers evenly, you can also sew the elastic down at side seams to prevent it from rolling around in the casing. 
  16. There are 4 pieces of flounces for each side of the shorts, 2 front and 2 back. Take 1 front and 1 back, stitch down the 2 seams on wrong side, do the same for the other set 
  17. Insert 1 set inside the other and sew the flounce hem on the wrong side all around 
  18. Open the pieces on the right side and understitch the inner piece set, do the same for the other side
  19. Attach the flounces to the shorts, match the side seams, pin to secure and stitch 1cm from edge all around. 
  20. Finish the hem by using zig zag stitch on my domestic machine, this is to prevent raw edges from fraying. 
  21. I will be adding a drawstring using bias tape to match my bralette’s shoulder straps. 
  22. Measure length of drawstring, mine is 130cm, I couldn’t find double fold bias satin tape in this colour so i joined two single fold bias tapes and sew it down on the right side. 
  23. Before sewing the casing, create two buttonholes for the drawstring to go through. 
  24. Buttonholes are on the center of the casing, on either side of the center front just below the casing foldline.
  25. You can reinforce the buttonhole area by fusing a small part of interfacing on the wrong side. 
  26. Use a safety pin and insert the drawstring through the casing 
  27. Tie knots at the ends of drawstring to prevent it from slipping back into the casing and we’re done!

I hope this tutorial is more achievable compared to the button through midi dress as I’ve received comments that the dress is not easy to follow for anyone who is new at sewing. Also if you’re trying this tutorial out, tag me on instagram @acetually and I would love to see how you rock it! xx

Photos by Jessalynne.



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