November 28, 2016

Natural Wonders of Bali - Visual diary

And so Jason proposed to me on our 12th anniversary while at Bali. About a year ago, I wondered how it would be like if he proposed, if it would be romantic, quiet or rowdy with friends around. I was quite relieved it happened at an intimate setting, not because I was worried if I would cry in front of everybody (I didn't in the end and Jason was quite glum about it haha opps I had tears in my eyes but they just didn't roll down dramatically) But because we got to enjoy the precious moments quietly while being completely alone together amongst tranquil waters and flickering candles in the cool night, something we can hardly experience when back in fast-paced Singapore. I'm super glad I didn't ruin it by playing rap songs throughout the night, almost did but changed to softer melodies halfway through the dinner and before Jason finally popped the question. Then I said yes to our forever together, a simple and quiet night to remember for the rest of our lives. The next few days were a whirlwind adventure, we went cave exploring and white water rafting. Bali is truly an incredible paradise to unwind, can't wait to be back. xx

Photography by Jason, Editing by me. 


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