March 22, 2016

Hello again, Taiwan!

It's my second time to visit Taiwan and I was so excited for the trip because I was missing Taiwan food so much and the weather was perfect. This time I traveled with Jason and his family and we had the chance to visit Kaohsiung and Kenting! I almost chose Kenting instead of Cambodia the other time!

Visited places:
Yancheng district: Pier 2 Arts Centre
Port Station

Prawn wanton noodle at Qijin district, Tianhou Temple - the egg noodles were simply delicious, I'm not a fan of wanton but these wantons were so good.

Minimi Inn - Listed on Airbnb

Visited places:
Eluanbi Lighthouse
Henchun Chuhuo nature fire park
Baisha Bay

Street food: Flame grilled Saikoro roast beef cubes (my favourite this trip!!), 吴师傅卤味/braised food, fried mushrooms, grilled pork, 猪/鸭血
Cafes/restaurants: On the table, Kenting fishmarket - 阿兴生鱼片 for delicious salmon (4sgd for 20 slices like whutt?!?!) and extremely fresh seafood!

To do:
Rent the electric scooters! Our 民宿 staff recommended their friends' store for bike rental (which was cheaper than other places)
Light up fireworks and cook your own popcorn at Chuhuo

Herz Hotel

Visited places:
Gaomei Wetlands
Ruyi Sunny Cake for 太阳饼 - they allow free tasting for every different flavour, the best and most delicious out of the different cake shops I visited in Taiwan. I recommend 绿豆椪, 奶油酥饼, 手工太阳饼, 芋头酥
Street food/snacks: Ice cream at Gong Yuan Eye clinic, Fengjia night market - 蛋饼, 地瓜球, 大肠包小肠, 起司马铃薯, 章鱼小丸子 (takoyaki!!), 姜母奶茶
Cafes/restaurants: Me cafe

Grand Tokyo Taipei 111 Kunming Street - Listed on Airbnb

Visited places:
Elephant Mountain - Nangang Hiking trail - to catch sunset and for a beautiful view of Taipei's skyline
Beitou Hot Spring
Yehliu Geopark, 阴阳海, 金瓜石 Golden waterfall
诚品24 hours bookstore
Shilin Night Market

Street food/snacks: 阿婆铁蛋, A-Zhu Peanut Ice Cream roll, 芋圆, Grilled prawns,  阿宗麵線, 豪大大鸡扒, 滷肉飯
Cafes/restaurants: 度小月餐馆, 阜杭豆漿
To do:
Get your caricature done at Danshui
放天灯 at Shifen

Contact for car chartering around Taiwan:
Mr Wu's Line ID: 0937459512

I've been back in Singapore for some time and I miss the street food so much already! Can't wait for my next travel. x

Photography by Jason, Edmund, Shane & me



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