October 18, 2015

Darker shades

I finally got back to Hairloom to give my tresses a new look, I'm the worst person when it comes to taking care of hair, complexion and whatnot so I'm terribly glad to have Hairloom for giving me healthy hair that last. I managed to convince Jason to allow me to cut bangs (after months and months of persuasion). He was quite relieved when he saw the final result, all thanks for Reno's magic hands. I opted for a darker shade this time and the dye was completely ammonia free. This color treatment closes the hair cuticles real tight and works with the variation of tone that your hair naturally has which results in a much softer feel. It actually repairs the hair and reduces frizz so it's considered as a conditioning treatment as well.

This ammonia free treatment improves the beauty and health of the original hair and as much as I like funky colored hair, I feel I should let my hair rest for some time. Regular color treatment contains ammonia, which opens the hair cuticle and deposits color into it which ends up damaging the hair. If you are looking to have a new color without wanting to go through the after effects of normal hair coloring, you can try this treatment for a change, it may be of a slightly darker shade but it respects your hair's sensitivity and has the perfect coverage with long-lasting results.

I also did a scalp treatment which felt super soothing with the cooling sensations of fresh mint infusion. Due to the erratic weather and constant traveling, my scalp goes from dry to oily. This treatment is quite the savior as it helps to absorb excess oils on the scalp and moisturize a dry scalp. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole session of having the 'icy' sensation as the spa-like treatment revitalizes my scalp. My hair feels so much lighter, cleaner and refreshed now. Don't forget to mention my name to enjoy 25% off all services at Hairloom if you're visiting them for the first time.

To book an appointment, call +65 6295 2088
100 Beach Road
#01-50/52 Shaw Towers Singapore 189702
Nearest MRT station: Esplanade
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11am - 8.30pm, Saturday & Sunday 11am - 7.30pm.

Hair: Hairloom
Photography by Jason Lim, Editing by me.



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