July 15, 2015

Delicate Hues with Majolica

Having reviewed Majolica Majorca's Chapter 42: Heart Hunter Collection a few months back, I've grown to liking and wearing more of their make-up. I'm wearing Majolica Majorca's Chapter 43: Play the Queen make up series in this post. Natural make up is more favored now than ever and it's all about achieving a natural glow and not looking too raw. For 2 months now, I've stopped wearing faux lashes and opted for mascara for a more natural look.

Majolica's Lash King Film is formulated with full black powder that creates a deep dark hue to enhance our original eyelashes. It contains high adhesive stretch fluid ingredient and a special volumizing powder ingredient capable of thickening each eyelash but also keeping it lightweight. The brush is made up of soft crimped bristles capable of holding a good amount of fluid for easy application.

For even longer and thicker lashes, apply Lash Bone Film before putting on mascara. This application improves the adhesion of mascara layer over lashes and does not have white finishing as its formulated with base that becomes translucent, allowing a look of naturally long and elongated lashes. Both lash applications are smudge proof and waterproof.

For a day look, I applied Majolica's Majolook Illuminator PK700 pastel-colored eyeshadow set to get a natural, shimmery look.

How to apply the layers
1. Blend an appropriate amount of Illuminator base lightly over the entire upper and lower lids. The Illuminator base is the top section that stretches over the 3 eyeshadows in the set.

2. Take Glitter (most left) on the wide applicator tip and blend lightly over the entire upper and lower eyelid.

3. Take Shiny (middle) on the wide applicator tip and blend all the way up to the hollow of the eye. Use the tip of the applicator to blend half of the lower eyelids.

4. Take Metallic (right) on the narrow applicator and blend all the way up to the hollow of the eye. Use the tip of the applicator to blend half of the lower eyelids.

I don't usually put on shimmery eyeshadows as they are too sweet-looking for my preference but I must agree they do make my eyes pop.

For a night look, I touched up with BE700 - a gorgeous set of nude-brown variations to make my eyes look bigger and bolder. Without the dramatic line with an eyeliner, I look a lot more natural with Majolica's neutral shadows for the highlight and contouring of my eyes. I must say that it's pretty awesome to be able to pull off a beautiful smoky eye in a variety of colors even without wearing any eyeliner.

Majolica has just launched this lovely new make-up series and the new products are available exclusively at all Singapore Watsons stores.

Make-up: Majolica Majorca
Photography by Jessalynne Woo and me
Photos taken before hair dye and treatment at Hairloom



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