April 1, 2015

Staycation at Wanderlust Hotel

It's been a while since Jason and I had our last staycation and we thought it was a good idea to take some time off the hectic schedules to relax and recharge altogether. 

Located at Little India along Dickson Road, Wanderlust Hotel is a boutique hotel by Unlisted Collection which is famed for developing unique and high quality boutique hotels. Each room at Wanderlust is carefully conceptualized and thoughtfully put together. Just as the name suggests, Wanderlust provides the capacity for one to escape from reality, to explore and indulge in their abundance of fascinating themes during their stay. 

This hotel prides itself on their uniqueness, from having thematic rooms to a lobby well-furnished with Retro and Industrial elements. We were fortunate to have one of Wanderlust's friendliest staff, Gee to show us around the hotel. He was very patient and always smiley. 

Each level at Wanderlust has a different theme designed by award winning Singapore design agencies, 

Pantone - Featuring 10 rooms of different color themes designed by :phunk studio. I am absolutely in love with their 'Black' colored room. Extremely sophisticated and soothing. 

Mono Origami - A mixture of Origami and Pop-Art designed by DP Architects with the idea 'paper' as their inspiration. I stayed in one of these beautiful rooms. The room we stayed in had multi-color lighting display in their paper folded concept ceiling. 

Creature Comforts - Wanderlust's most unique level that features 5 varying themes, Bling, ASCII, Space, Tree and Typewriter are designed by Ffurious. We were lucky to get a glimpse of their Typewriter room, ASCII room and Bling room that day. This level's rooms are priced at around $300 a night and they come with a bath tub. Beds are on the top loft, allowing the lower level more spacious and comfortable. If you're looking for a refreshing staycation experience, these are the rooms you definitely want to get. 

The first thing we noticed when we came into our room was their Nespresso machine! Coffee is not really my thing but it is just pure satisfaction when you're getting your caffeine fix in the comforts of this one-of-a-kind room.  

The items in the mini bar were complimentary too. I felt that more lighting could be placed near the mirror as it was rather dark for me to do my make-up and it can be difficult to tell if your right cheek is looking redder than the left when you're smacking the blush on just by estimation. Otherwise, the room amenities were pretty good, the shower soap and shampoo were from Shanghai Tang and I like how they utilize the room space in the best way possible. One thing I must point out is their SUPER comfortable bed, I have never slept in such a cosy bed before. Gee told us that the beds are highly raved about by everyone else too. 

There's also an outdoor jacuzzi at level 2. The elephant figures are too cute and the rainbow tiled jacuzzi is just the right thing you need during a staycation for ultimate relaxation and random musings. 

We had breakfast at Cocotte and it was lovely. We enjoyed the rustic ambience and the food. I had pancakes with bacon while Jason had eggs and bacon. We also had toasted bread, yogurt and cereal. The room rates are inclusive of breakfast. 

We also liked how it's so convenient to walk to Bugis and Little India MRT from Wanderlust Hotel. We caught a midnight movie and it's really nice to take a stroll back after that. Overall, a great experience at Wanderlust hotel. It was an awesome combination of comfort and quirkiness at best with their excellent customer service, delicious food and incredible creative vibes. 

2 Dickson Road
Singapore 209494
Contact: +65 6396 3322
Email: wlh-res@unlistedcollection.com
Nearest MRT: Little India
Recommended Parking: Open air car park across the road from Jalan Besar, next to Sim Lim Tower, and Weld Road – one street behind Dickson Road.

Swimwear: Triangl
Wardrobe: Elska
Photography by Jason Lim and me.


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