April 20, 2015

Ma Cherie Hairstyling Formulas

Other than using my favorite Glampalm straighteners to style my hair, I use an assortment of hairstyling products by Ma Chérie to keep my hair in good condition throughout the day. What is special about their products is their core ingredient: Champagne Honey Gelee. This highly moisturizing ingredient not only softens my hair and keeps my tresses silky smooth, it also protects them from environmental free radicals and oxidative stress. The honey element helps to add shine and retain moisture while helping to tame flyaway hair at the same time.

Their range of products caters to different hair needs and styling.

1. Hair Gelee - Soft Wave
If you like to keep your wavy hair airy and bouncy for the whole day, this is for you. This product protects hair from hair dryer heat, static and UV rays. It has a light fruity fragrance too.
Apply it on dry hair to ease frizziness and twist your hair by coiling them in an upward motion to create curly waves.

2. Hair Gelee Mist - Airy Mush
This is for airy and voluminous hairstyles. Sometimes when I'm having a bad hair day and my hair is just dead flat, I use this to achieve an airy soft look.
Hold the spray 5-10cm from hair when applying and gently massage into hair to make sure the fix is even. Remember to shake well in case it doesn't come out as mist, you wouldn't want a whole patch of fluid starch on your hair.

3. Hair Gelee Mist - Silky Straight
I use this product when I'm looking to straighten my hair. It enhances the shine and keeps my hair extra smooth.

4. Curl Set Lotion
This effective lotion gives a long lasting and bouncy curled hair even on rainy days. Apply generously before using hair iron or hot curler to achieve supple curls.

5. Decoration Keep Spray
A long lasting hold hairspray for any hairstyles to keep your tresses looking natural all day long. I prefer to apply this before I style my hair for a more defined look. You can also choose to spray it after styling. Both ways work well.

6. Hair Fragrance
This hair fragrance works more than just combating against odors (bbq whiffs etc), it also hydrates hair cuticles and reconstructs hair. This is a final step protection spray for your hair after using the styling products.

I like how Ma Chérie hair products give my hair protection while keeping them well set during and after styling. Their latest line of hair care definitely pampers your hair in every best way possible. Ma Cherie is available at all Watsons Singapore stores.

Hair products: Ma Chérie
Wardrobe: Elska
Photography by Jessalynne Woo and me.



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