March 10, 2015


So glad to have spent some time with my talented twin, Dion since he came back from Australia last year. We went to Botanics to take some photos after he helped me to film a short video for Raffles Singapore at d'Good Cafe. It's the first time I've been to d'Good Cafe and I must say their Bangers and Mash was delish! It's a great place for hanging out and enjoying good coffee. The setting is comfortable and cosy, not to mention lovely interiors too! I'm looking forward to going there again soon!

It's been a while since we went out on a photo expedition. Dion and I were art rivals in secondary school and we were so competitive against each other because we're so alike in almost every way - attitude towards life, love for art, love for writing, etc...somehow we would always end up to be in same project groups (so unlucky! :p) which made us dislike one another even more. To think about it again, it's quite hilarious because we were so childish and ridiculous hahaha. But I'm so glad that we managed to resolve our differences as we grow older and I always feel fortunate to have you as my bes/twin brother, thanks for always giving me support. <3

I hope all of us get to travel together again, the previous HK trip with Jes, Cf, Dion, Jason, Lun Tat and Weijun was the best travel trip I've ever had, I'm really blessed to have you guys in my life. x

Wardrobe: Elska
Photography by Dion Heng, Jessalynne Woo, Editing by me

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