March 3, 2015

Oriental Indulgence

Tried out Singapore's first ever late night spa and facial regimen for good health - The Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial. Jes and I do our spa routine during our work trip every month and the one we go is not the typical beauty spa but a Chinese wellness spa specializing in using traditional Chinese medicine during treatments. And I am so thrilled to know that Singapore has something similar too and even better actually.

Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber by Mary Chia is the finest Chinese luxurious spas in Singapore you'll find. This hotel spa is beautifully decorated in a classy oriental setting. It's basically a haven of relaxation and enjoyment. It is perfect for anybody who is seeking for a well-deserved spa break with solutions to their beauty needs.

It helps with insomnia - I slept like a baby during the treatment and almost immediately after I got into bed. #0182921 fact about me, I take about 1 hour to get into sleep everyday. This treatment involves special herb blends and crafted massage techniques which aid in promoting good health. The treatment also enhances cell recovery and rejuvenation.

The treatment starts with a foot spa - the bath routine of the Yao Tribe women. These women are known to have strong constitution. They bathe and soak their feet in a special bath concoction made of natural herbs. This special concoction of herbs include speranskia, acacia, turmeric and a mix of rare Yunnan herbs. They help in enhancing blood circulation. The best part? This blend of herbs can expel the toxins in the body, reducing water retention.

This eight- step relaxing spa and facial regimen includes:
1. "Yao Yu" Foot Soak
2. Back Massage for body relaxation
3. Artemisia Herbs Detox and Ear Candling - This was pretty good, the herbs are placed on the navel and it can get pretty hot after some time and I really liked the heat. It helps to detox and clear the meridian. It also helps with digestion.
4. Facial cleanse
5. Enzyme facial peel - I was actually quite scared cos of my sensitive skin but I didn't get any outbreaks or rashes after the treatment! Their concoction smells really nice too!
6. Musical Ball Face Massage. I fell asleep during this section. It's so therapeutic and soothing. The moving steel balls produce a soft tinkling sound which will put you in a state of tranquility.
7. Custom blended mask. This chiffon aloe mask is suitable for all skin types and it's great nourishment for the skin.
8. Hand Meridian massage.

The whole treatment is 90-minute and is currently having an introductory price of $88 instead of the usual $188. The regime is recommended to be experienced from 7pm onwards for maximum effect and ultimate relaxation. Reservations can be made online at their website.

Thank you Mary Chia and Natasha for the invite! x

50 Mosque Street, Singapore 059528
Nearest MRT station: Chinatown
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11am - 3am


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