March 17, 2015

Eyes Eyes Baby

I've never tried cosmetic contact lenses before. At first, I was quite afraid to put these on because they just look so unreal with all the color prints. To my surprise, they turned out to be the softest and most comfortable contact lenses I've had in 11 years. The pair I'm wearing is from FreshKon Colors Fusion Sparklers: Glinting Brown, it is one of their more subtle colors. This color is great for medium and tan skin.

I would have loved to try out Shimmering Grey if I had fairer skin. Before this, I thought I would look weird since I've never spotted any other eye color other than black hahaha.

Usually I can't wear clear lenses for more than 8 hours because my eyes would get really dry. I wore these colored lenses for about 10 hours and they were still pretty comfortable. I felt that my eyes were still receiving optimal oxygen even after the long hours. I would probably try out the selection from their Dazzlers collection the next time! (:

Cosmetic contact lens: FreshKon
Wardrobe: Elska
Location: Wanderlust Hotel
Photography by Jason Lim, Editing by me



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