March 2, 2015

DIY Gourmet Burgers at Burger Up

Have you ever wanted to DIY your very own gourmet burger choosing your preferred ingredients and condiments at a burger kiosk? No more hassle of making and prepping your patties and burgers at home when you can easily customize gourmet burgers at BurgerUP. Located at Yishun 10, just next to Golden Village Cinema, BurgerUP is a local brand with a chef stationed at the outlet ensuring that the food is prepared with high standards and quality. We had the pleasure to be at their grand opening where they had fun activities like airbrush tattooing and caricature portrait drawings. They also gave out a Samsung Galaxy Tab S -1 every hour to a lucky customer.

What's interesting about BurgerUP is their signature full self-ordering system. The customers can order through user-friendly kiosks, giving them freedom of customizing their own burgers at their own pace. After ordering at the kiosk, they can then proceed to the counter to pay and collect their food.

They also have quick menu items and set meals on top of the DIY burgers. Some of them include,
- Supreme Beef Combo with double beef patties
- Classic Beef Combo with single beef patty
- Cooper Burger Combo with single chicken patty
- Angler's Choice Combo with single fish patty
- Rice Beef Meal
- Rice Chicken Meal
- Rice Fish Meal
Each combo and meal comes with a drink and side.

Other a la carte items include,
- Coleslaw - This is a definite must try, their coleslaw is tangy and sweet with their special combo of fruits. The fruits give a complementary savory to the overall dressing.
- Fries
- Chicken Nuggets
- Fried Wings
and last but not least, my absolute favorite and one of their best sellers: Breaded Mushrooms. The mushrooms are super tasty and it has the kind of juiciness that literally explodes in your mouth. But please be careful as it's served piping hot, we were so greedy we couldn't wait and almost burned our tongues!

Jes and I opted for DIY burgers where I had whole grain bun, chicken patty, mayo, lettuce and tomato. I added an extra slice of cheese at $0.50 and mushroom sauce at $0.80. I also ordered Breaded Mushrooms $4 and Pepsi $2.50 so the total meal costs $11.52. I would say it's a little pricey but hey it's a delicious gourmet burger packed with fresh ingredients and with their succulent breaded mushrooms, it's definitely worth it. What's more it comes in a big portion. BurgerUP is also in the process of getting their halal certification, soon we can invite our malay friends to join in the wholesome BurgerUP goodness too!

Thank you BurgerUP and Juliana for the invite! (:

51 Yishun Central 1 #01-03 
Yishun Ten Complex Singapore 768794
Nearest MRT station: Yishun
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11am - 10pm



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