February 9, 2015

Customising with Modern Minimalist Co

I'm all about customisation when it comes to jewelry because it feels personalised and it just gives more meaning to the wearer. I'm wearing a customised Vertical Bar Necklace by Modern Minimalist with the stamping 'J' which stands for Jason on the top bar and '13.11.04' - our anniversary on the long bar. You can't believe how glad I am to finally have a necklace stamped with our anniversary date after all these years. I'm not trying to be cheesy over here but this date means a lot to me and I once told Jason I may tattoo the date on my back one day. But being the scaredy cat I am - I am terribly scared of needles that I even find acupuncture painful! So before that day comes - if it ever will, I am contented with this beautiful necklace that I can wear everyday, I love that it is so easy to match with any outfit and also carries so much meaning at the same time.

So if you're a sentimental creature like me or love customising your jewelry, you're going to love Modern Minimalist Co. They have a wide range of high quality jewelry where you can choose to customise significant words at affordable prices. On top of that, they also have many pretty and minimal jewelry which are versatile for everyday wear so do check them out here! If you're looking to get something lovely for yourself or your significant other, do enter code 'acechiaXmmco' to enjoy 5% off your total bill! (: Code is valid till 28th Feb 2015.

Necklace: Modern Minimalist
Wardrobe: Elska
Photography by Jessalynne Woo, Editing by me
Product Photography by me



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