February 15, 2015

City Lights

Jason baked me a mille crepe cake with a hidden rainbow heart on Saturday! Omg I'm still so stoked by this surprise, this cake requires so much effort and time to make haha thank you my dearest, it's so delicious too. <3 I hope to find some time to bake again, I miss baking with Jes! I rmb there was one time during secondary 2(?) where we were supposed to bake something but we ended up playing with flour and the whole kitchen was literally covered with flour - cabinets, floor, kitchenware, basically almost everything. My dad was so shocked when he entered but we were just laughing away - clearly we didn't think it through before playing with the flour.. Cleaning up was seriously SOO miserable hahaha but we were lucky to get everything cleaned up before my mum came home.. can you imagine the terror hahaha we will never do it again.

Coming back, we spent our Valentine's Day in town and catching Fifty Shades of Grey. It was a decent movie, not as explicit as I thought. To be honest, I didn't finish the books and I can't quite remember how it ended because I felt that the character development was lacking and the storyline was pretty weak. I don't really understand how can a girl fall that hopelessly in love with a guy and is willing to be dominated so senselessly? I always feel that girls should be independent, have their own mind and stand up for themselves when necessary but not unreasonably of course.

Nonetheless, I wanted to see how it would play out in a movie so we went to catch it and although half of the time Jason and I were just asking each other, 'why does he keep abusing her???', I thought the movie scenes were done in a classy manner and I really liked Dakota Johnson, she's adorable and more assertive in the movie. Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey was quite tasteful, he was portrayed in a less sadistic demeanor as compared to the character in the book. The ending was a little odd though haha some people were chuckling.

After the movie we went over to my cousins' place for pre-CNY reunion dinner and celebrated our little cousin's 16th birthday together. I think it's quite lovely to have one's birthday on Valentine's Day! Afterwards, we drove to Privé wanting to get supper as that was our initial plan the day before but decided we were still too full and ended up taking some photos along the roads and the lights were so beautiful! Most of our photos were taken on self-timer. If you ask any one of my friends, they will tell you dustbin is one of my best friends because I would always get one to place my camera hahaha well.. it's just coincidences that the dustbin is always there whenever I need a 'tripod'.

We've never done night photography before and we really loved how the pictures turned out with the lights, so incredible! Maybe we will try out more the next time! (:

Wardrobe: Elska
Photography by Jason Lim, Editing by me

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