February 27, 2015

Dolling up with Majolica Majorca

I've been using make-up products from Majolica Majorca for the past few weeks. It's been a while since I tried new make-up products. I tend to stick to my usual make-up brands as I have very sensitive skin and if the make up isn't gentle enough, it can cause major breakout which is super miserable and I'm sure all girls can relate to this. 

Majolica Majorca hails from Japan and shares the same family brand as Shisedo. What I really liked the most from their latest collection Heart Hunter is their Puff De Cheek Mandarin Mix RD303 blusher -  I love how it enhances the natural flush for warm undertones like mine. It's great for girls who have yellow, gold or peach tinge to their skin. Fret not if you have cool undertones, they also have the Strawberry Mix RD302 which will be perfect for you.

Lips: Before & After

The products I'm wearing in this post are from their Chapter 42 collection: Heart Hunter

1. Lip Dip Kiss - #20 & #30 - S$14.90
This lip gloss not only gives a bright and lasting finish with watery shine, it is also highly moisturizing with their special Collagen DM ingredient. It also has a honey rose fragrance. Lip colors may vary as the color on the lips changes by absorbing the moisture of the lips so the color may look different from the product itself. 

2. Puff De Cheek - Strawberry Mix PK302 for cool undertones & Mandarin Mix RD303 for warm undertones - S$22.90
I'm actually quite impressed with their blush colors -  long lasting and natural looking. It's formulated with 3 colors of micro powder and you just need to twirl and lightly pat with the puff to get a nice blend to apply a natural and rosy colored blush on your cheeks.
It creates a soft and bright finish without making it too powdery. Their powder is oil clear so it gives a clear and translucent finish. It also consists of treatment materials such as macadamia nut oil which allows the powder to spread evenly and smoothly even when the skin is dry. 

If you're not sure if you have warm or cool undertones, just refer at this chart via Beautylish.com to get an idea! (:
3. Lash Expander Edge Meister GR777 - S$25.90
This expander can extend your eye lashes by approximately 4mm with its fibres. It has a duo comb that widens and separates each lash. What's good about this expander is that it catches even the short eyelashes - sometimes I just get so frustrated when I can't catch the shorter eyelashes and the longer ones just stick out so distinctively ready to party on their own. With their smaller comb that widens eye corner lashes and lower lashes, my lashes look even and neat now. It's formulated with speedy dry oil, Vitamin E derivatives and macadamia nut oil for gentle treatment. It comes in Olive green that matches well with brown and black hair. It's also sweat, oil, tear and waterproof. 

4. Majoromantica S or I would call it The Sweet Explosion of Fruits and Flowers - S$25.90
If you love sweet scents, you're bound to love this. It has a great mixture of fruits and flowers. When I first wore this scent, I felt like I was bringing a garden along with me everywhere I went. Haha I mean it in a good way! 

Top note - Fruity x Pure: Honey, Lemon, Cassis, Peach, Apple, Mix Berry, Pineapple.

Middle note - Floral x Ennui: Lily, Rose, Violet, Jasmine, Honey Suckle

End note - Musk x Sensual: Sandalwood, Amber, Musk.

I personally love their end note fragrance the most.

I was wearing this collection throughout my CNY visitings. You can always count on Japanese products for great quality, moreover Majolica Majorca's products are very affordable with the loveliest packaging. They are now stocked exclusively at Watsons so do drop by your nearest Watsons to get your Majolica make-up fix today! x

Make-up and Fragrance: Majolica Majorca
Wardrobe: Elska
Photography by Jason Lim, Editing by me



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