February 12, 2015

Splendour of Love at Orchard Central

Normally, I would get my usual froyo/ice cream whenever I'm in town and I'm glad there's another alternative I can choose from now!

So while you shop at Orchard Central's Splendour of Love Marketplace, don't forget to visit the famous YiLi Paopao Ice 以利泡泡冰新加坡站 (#B2-05)! (: 

Jason and I would visit Orchard Central during Valentine's day every year because of their innovative and spectacular decorations that are just so perfect for photo-taking. This year, Orchard Central has created a beautiful and romantic wonderland with whimsical heart-shaped hot air balloons and dazzling pink bouquets that will make you swoon when you stroll at OC. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and for me, it's a lovely season to celebrate friendships at the same time. So I was out with Cassandra to explore and look for gifts at Orchard Central's Splendour of Love Marketplace Lvl 1 yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by the wide array of accessories and novelties the booths have to offer.
From exquisite earrings to stylish arm candies, tea sets to snacks from Japan, they have the ideal gift you are looking for this Valentine's.
How adorable is this pouch?!
These owl pillows are too cute for tots! Especially the one wearing a pirate hat!
Some of the shops include Chiffon that sells adorable earrings and accessories, Paper Therapy which offers unique cards, Tea ideas with their calming tea sets, ShiokJapan with all our favorite Japanese snacks, TagStyle, The Handmade Shop, Rachelshoppe, The Hunters' Kitchenette and Caterpillar by Secret garden selling their fresh beautiful bouquets of fairytale flowers. Here's me holding one of their bouquets!
I'm always a sucker when it comes to flowers! (: Which girl isn't?!
This is a gourmet tea brand I would very much like to have at home everyday.
They have a wide selection of tea and their house specialty is Chocolate tea which is an instant hit with folks who love chocolate and tea at the same time. The blend is really good and the heavenly flavour of chocolate is superb I would say.
Another house specialty they have is their Cha-ppuccino - it's made with the highest grade Gyokuro green tea powder. I would seriously love to drink this every morning. I'm a green tea fanatic and this green latte is da bomb. It's not too milky or heavy and it contains active antioxidants which improves your overall health and wellness. I really like the taste a lot, yum!
Their 24k gold plated tea infuser. Wow, just wow. I always feel that tea sets is always a good gift idea. Everyone loves a good tea. Ok I admit I'm a little biased cos I don't like coffee haha.

If you're still not sure what you're getting for your Valentine or BFFs, do check out Orchard Central's Splendour of Love Marketplace. With 16 booths selling lovely and unique novelties, you don't wanna miss this out for finding the perfect gift. There are also exciting events lining up at Orchard Central as they celebrate this season of love. There's couples/BFF challenge with prizes to be won and stage games with MediaCorp artistes - James Seah and YaHui, all happening on 14th February. They're also having an Instagram contest; Snap photos at OC's Splendour of Love displays with your loved one and stand to win $50 Far East Organization Mall Voucher! More deets at their Facebook.com/OC. (:
Anyone who has been to Taiwan would have heard of YiLi Paopao Ice from the popular Taiwan Shilin market but if you haven't been there, don't fret because it is now available at Orchard Central (#B2-05)!

YiLi Paopao Ice has been around for 60 years and was invented in Yilan. Mr Chang, YiLi's founder started to experiment different blending methods when he noticed some of his customers enjoy mixing their shaved ice with toppings before eating so he thought he could help them with the pre-blending. He then came up with PaoPao ice, a good change from the usual plain shaved ice!
Their shaved ice is mixed and blended with fruits, so not only does it give the taste a better flavour, it's also a healthier option.
You can customize your own by mixing 2 flavors at $4.95, they have Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, Valentine's fruit (Green mango, really refreshing!), Milk & Egg, Peanut, Peanut & Kidney Beans, Taro, Passion Fruit and Wumei which is an acquired taste.

Their Paopao Specials - Boba Milk & Egg, Peanut & Oreos and Red Bean & Milk are $5.60 each. Additional toppings are available at 45/65 cents. Their pearls are super delicious and they taste different from the ones we had before, they are made of brown sugar and their house special ingredients. Their toppings are also mostly imported from Taiwan.
We tried their Peanut & Kidney beans topped off with oreo cookies and damn it was good! It's one of their best sellers. We also tried Strawberry and Milk & Egg. We added condensed milk to Strawberry and it turned out too sweet - even for Cassandra who has a sweet tooth so we would recommend you to go without the milk! The milk & egg (no egg white) was pretty decent but the sweet red bean topping compliments it really well and we enjoyed it too.
YiLi's Paopao Ice is really smooth and soft and doesn't melt fast! We took a whole bunch of photos and they were still looking a-ok when we finally sat down to eat haha.We also tried their Frogs 'Bang' Milk 青蛙撞奶 which has a decent taste, it's not that sweet and again, I loved the pearls! I  would totally recommend their Lemon Wintermelon, it's refreshing to have it with their Paopao Ice!

Discovery Walk Atrium Level 1 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6509 7708
Nearest MRT station: Somerset
30 Jan - 15 Feb 2015
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11am - 10pm

#B2-05 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, Singapore 238896
Tel: +65 6509 7708
Nearest MRT station: Somerset
Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 11am - 10pm

Thank you Orchard Central for the invite and the lovely Cassandra for the portraiture shots! (:



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