December 30, 2014

Elska Turns 2

As 2014 is drawing to a close, I figured there's no perfect way to conclude my last blog entry in 2014 than writing about Elska Turns 2 Birthday Bash x Warehouse Sale. We have so much to thank for to have come this far with Elska. First, I wanna thank Jes for being the most supportive partner, for always hanging on and working hand in hand for Elska. Next, I wanna thank my dad, he's the biggest force in my life, my main motivation and a role model I always look up to. He has retired 6 years ago yet he is always helping us out by delivering parcels at times, managing our accounts, finance and logistics even when he is the main investor and isn't obliged to do all these for us. Without my dad, Jes, my mum's encouragement, my bro's site/backend assistance for Elska, Jason's greatest support and everybody's collaborative effort, Elska would not have been possible and with that, I am very grateful and will continue to work hard. (:

Also, ElskaTurns2 would not have happened without the biggest support of Raffles Design Institute, I am always glad that I took a leap of faith to switch from a local art school to pursue my degree at Raffles in 2011 and to meet some of the best lecturers and kindest people on earth - Joe, Kai, Brian, Swee, Iskra, Reei Pyn, Jun, Roy and Sylvia. Thank you all so much for the support and arrangement you have given us for ElskaTurns2 event. We are also extremely grateful to receive the best support from our lovely sponsors:

I know I've thanked the crew on my IG and Facebook but as some of you do not have IG/FBaccounts, I'm going to list the full crew here and thank each and everyone who came down to help Jes and I again - my dad, my mum, my brother, Jason, Xiaojun, Chunfu, Rini, Jun, Shane, Weijun, Ci En, Xinni, Ying Ying, Si Wei, Wee Bin, Lun Tat, Zoe, Jes's mum, Jes's dad, Joelynne, Jenson, 小姑姑,  Jia Ming, 小叔叔, 小婶婶,弟弟恒, MingHui 姐姐, 大伯,二伯,二伯婶, Cherie姐姐 and husband, Edwin, Mai, Chuck, Heena, Claudia, Sanam, Wei Ting, Elizabeth, Juliana, Eddy, Ah Mei's friends - Jing Yi,  Gracia, Kai Ting Li Wen and the lovely Raffles student volunteers. (: You guys have the BIGGEST hearts and we can't thank all of you enough for making this event a success. We are immensely grateful and blessed to have you guys in our lives.

We're also very happy and thankful to see so many familiar faces coming down to support us, thanks for taking time to come down! <3 Not to mention receiving messages when some of you couldn't make it down but still took the effort to wish us the best, it means a lot to us! Thank you all for being so kind and amazing. :')

We have a long way to go and we still have so much to improve but we will work very hard to live up to the support and love all of you have given us and Elska. <3 Here's to a new and even better year ahead for all of us! (:

Photography by Jason, Chun Fu, Xinni, Lun Tat and Sersq Photobooth
Full album at
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