November 12, 2014

Growing Together

Tomorrow marks our 10 years together. About a month ago, I thought of doing a personal series to commemorate our times we spent growing up together throughout the years, and to have them printed into a photo album.

We visited Holy Innocents' High School for a simple photoshoot as the school holds strong significance for us - we first met each other in the same class in 2003! To be honest, I was actually debating if I should post these pictures up as I was afraid as it may give rise to misleading interpretations but the school principal, Mr Yap was very understanding and gave us the green light to post the photos so here's the school series! :) Do note that these are posed pictures and do not reflect the current students in school context, it's only for photoshoot purposes. They are also re-enactments and do not depict what really happened in school in the past - I didn't wear make up/have brown hair back in the day and I wasn't leaning this close to Jason when he was teaching me basketball during PE lessons back then. The uniforms and green house shirts we're wearing were also much earlier versions! :)
We found out early on that both of us actually liked playing Gunbound so we would spend every night fighting battles together (very childish I know but hey we were only 13 years old! haha) From there, we got to know about each other more and became good friends. Prior to Gunbound, we actually disliked each other and were on bad terms but it's a long story so I'm going to skip that! Here's us posing with our fave bots and avatars to pay homage to the good old times! :p
Jason also suggested that we should do a smart casual attire photoshoot to illustrate the 10 years we had growing hand-in-hand into the young adults we are now. And although we have changed so much, we're still holding on to each other.
Guesssss what! He drew and designed this dress I'm wearing in this photo set!! It's so clean and classy I love it! One proud girlfriend here! Fortunately, I managed to fabricate the dress in time phew! I also sewed a shawl lapel blazer for him to complement his dress for the shoot. I hope you like it! :)
Our rings that have stayed with us for 8 years. :)

Dearest Jason, 

Thank you for accepting me for who I am, and for all the good and bad tendencies I have. You are always there when I need your support and I always feel secure and protected with you around me. 

We are polar opposites and we share very different viewpoints, I can't do what you can do and although you don't understand my work of field, you are always supportive of everything I do especially in believing my vision and ambition. 

But even though we are so different, I feel so lucky that we're both on the same page with values, ethics and goals. We may have different ways to reaching those goals but I'm glad we share the same life goals and that you will always respect my decisions and opinions. Thank you for knowing my silent thoughts and always standing in my shoes. Thank you for being my guiding force in my life. I love you very much and I can't imagine life without you so let's always hold on together. Happy 10th anniversary and to more years ahead! :)

This photo set would not have been possible without the help of my dad who had a hand in the creations of props, Jes who helped capture the entire series, Chunfu for helping to ask around for uniforms, Kiah Wee who loaned me her uniform and our dear teacher Miss Nai for arranging the shoot at Holy Innocents' High for us, so here's Jason with his cute bunny teeth and me with my half hat thanking u guys with our utmost gratitude! :) <3

In other news, all of us are in the midst of organizing the biggest event for Elska ever. It's going to be DAMN exciting and we're keeping our fingers crossed for the preparation and event to turn out smoothly! Stay tuned for updates! x

Photography by Jessalynne W, Editing by me
School location: Holy Innocents' High School
Heels: Elska

Till next time!

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