September 10, 2014

Serenity with Sea Breeze

Lightweight vest is easily one of my favorite staples. It's classy, easy to wear and makes you look professional at the same time. Sen and I took some time to soak up the sun and sea breeze. The waves were incredibly blue, gentle and beautiful. I could listen to the sound of waves all day long. I used to do my homework every weekend at Pasir Ris Park beach when I was in Secondary school not only because I enjoyed hanging with the resident cats there but also the sound of crashing waves and whispy air could really keep me at peace and I get so much more productive with work. Of course I don't have the luxury to do my work at a beach now, my mac will die really fast haha its really old now (4 years old?) so every time when I bring her along for my work trip, I get soo worried that it will just enter coma mode and I'll more or less be pretty much dead - ok not really I'm exaggerating, I make it a point to always back up my files heehee :p


Photography by Sen
Wardrobe: Elska

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