September 3, 2014

Forest Green

Today's outfit features my favorite basic crop top in black and a fitted pencil skirt in forest green. I'm loving this pair of new shades I've got during my work trip which greatly compliments my heart-shape x oval face. Some of my few favorite trends upcoming for fall include dark, rich oriental floral prints, folklore boho embroidery + crochet and autumn colors such as forest green and oxblood red. It's interesting how brights such as royal blue and pastel hues such as powder pink have been infused to make the gloomy fall a whole lot more lighthearted. Keep a look out for these trends in our upcoming collections at Elska! :) About 4 months ago, I've started to do trend forecasting and reports for apparel again. Ever since Elska started, I've only been focusing on shoes and handmade products which don't require much trend forecasting as I wasn't looking to achieve fast fashion. And for Artisanal by Elska, it's mostly timeless and classic pieces which do not stem from fickle trends. Some of you are asking why am I not updating Artisanal line or handmade products so often nowadays, semi-couture or handmade pieces require a lot of attention and for an ocd person (me) to craft a piece (especially for Artisanal by Elska), it requires a lot of time and I'm trying to take it slow for the handmade lines to make sure the current/ongoing pieces are crafted well so while I work on the fast fashion side of Elska, I have time to focus on them.

At the moment, I am also looking to build up Elska's curated clothing, accessories and shoes, I am still thinking if I should design fast fashion for Elska because I've never really worked on this area before, give me a high fashion theme and I can produce 8 couture/wedding gowns for you. But I am in talks with factories and we will see when we are able to do it without losing focus on other Elska aspects. :) I am grateful to friends and lecturers who have been giving me advice and encouraging me to work on my own acechia line, I may be planning something in a year's time if I have time to spare in between Elska development and my side photography jobs. I'm really glad to have my dadpapa, Jes and our team around, Jes is currently in her last year of school and working on her final year projects. Good luck Jes you can definitely get distinctions! (: It's been really hectic for us to juggle and I can't wait until she graduates and works on Elska full-time so that we can concentrate better on Elska's business development.

In other news, we have something exciting in planning for our #ElskaTurns2 Birthday Bash event! We launched Elska in 3rd Dec 2012 and can't believe in a few months time we will be 2 years old! Our #ElskaTurns1 campaign last year was incredible and it will be so much more fun this year as there will be both an event and a campaign! :) Do stay tuned for it! x


Photography by Dadpapa
Wardrobe: Elska

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