August 31, 2014

Four Seasons Durian

Since young, everyone has been able to remember my birthday by 八月十五中秋节 and they would joke around saying 'I'm going to get chu a huge mooncake as your birthday cake.' Then I'll go OK PLEASE MAKE SURE IT'S WHITE LOTUS WITH MANY SALTED EGGS! Of course my birthday 15/08 isn't the same as the chinese lunar calendar's 15/08, but if anyone were to mention this now, I will definitely opt for a large snowskin Mao Shan Wang durian mooncake! I really love mooncakes, I would eat one everyday (any flavor!) if I could but they're soo expensive and heaty!

Jason got me some mini durian mooncakes from Four Seasons Durians today wheee perfect for supper tonight while I burn midnight oil for work! Thank you for always hanging on with me when I get so occupied with work and trips we could hardly get to meet at times. Thank you for keeping me sane when my mood gets erratic. Thank you for never giving up on me, I love you. :)

These few months have been incredibly fast paced, I could hardly catch a breath. I have so many food and ootds photos to share and can't wait till I get a day to get them sorted out and post them up! On a side note, we have an exciting photoshoot collaboration for Elska coming up and we're crossing fingers for good weather! We haven't work on a fashion shoot for Elska for the longest time, we were supposed to produce this in May but due to tight schedule and preparation we will only be able to publish in Sept/Oct. Are you excited yet? I sure as hell am! x

Till next time!

Photography by me

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