June 2, 2014


About 2 weeks ago, Jes & I helped out Sam with his short film. This film is pretty conceptual, and I believe it's open to different interpretations. I love how Sam has done up this film so beautifully, it's so raw and emotive and damn I love the ambient music. and guess what! The film made it into Cathay Motion Picture Awards 2014 Top 15! Please help to vote for Sam! (: Click here to vote, thanks so much! (:

Theme: Sisters
Title: Us
A Film by Samuel Ruby
Starring Ace Chia & Jessalynne Woo
Music by Stefanus Yuanto
Special thanks to Immanuel Panggabean & Sonia Lawrence
Objective: To produce a short 79s film in 79 hours after theme was given.

Short introduction of the characters:

Jes is the big sister. She don't talk much in the family and spend most of her time outside because Dad always restricts her from doing almost anything and claim that she should be an example for her little sister. She has a strained relationship with Dad. She worships freedom of oneself. She's the rebel in the family. She quietly loves her little sister very much and care for her mother. She never say it out as she thinks it's useless, she holds it deep in her heart yet her little sister understands her. She only smiles to her little sister.

Ace is the little sister. She don't talk much in the family either, even when she is the love in the family. She never argue with her Dad. She is the 'yes' girl and has always thought this is the easiest way to display her love to her parents. She loves her big sister very much and constantly look up to her. She thinks that she is always being protected by big sister but believes that it'll come a day where she will protect her instead. She talks softly and plays classical on piano. She yearns to be a rebel but has never tried. She always tries to make others happy even though it's hurting herself. But her big sister, she understands her. Therefore, she can always be herself when she's with her big sister. 

To be honest, I was contemplating if I should post this video up because I wasn't very satisfied with my acting. The cinematography and plot are great but I feel that I could have done so much better. This was my first time acting, the final cut is only 79 seconds but the production was not easy at all. This has made me appreciate actors even more. Not only did we have to fight off mozzies (both of us got awful allergic reactions from insect bites after the shoot) we had to grasp the mood and stay in it while there were many passerby and cyclists in the background, all of it had to be realized and filmed while the sun came up (which was incredibly fast) so it was definitely the best I could give at that moment.

I had to take on a personality of a gentle character whom I do not exactly relate to (haha). She's a sweet little sister, the girl who smiles even when it's hurting her inside. We received our scripts and bios 5 hours before the filming and oh my god, I was in a sweat, I could never imagine myself being a character like this. I am extremely easy-going outside my work scope but definitely not this docile and soft so this role was really challenging for me.

When Sam (Jes's friend) asked if we could help out, I literally jumped onto the idea, I was thinking 'Acting?! This could be so much fun!' I like to explore creative experiences and I've always enjoyed watching how other creative people work, especially outside my field, I get to learn and see so much so I agreed without thinking much of the consequences or if I could actually act.

Surprisingly, the challenge for me was not appearing bare-faced, I thought it was ridiculous to wake up with layers of make-up. Most people assume that fashion people have the tendency to look perfect all the time but ultimately, we are still humans. I was more concerned of my lines, I am more fluent in mandarin than english so I'm not sure if I sounded natural in the film. It's definitely Singaporean slang, that's fine I'm proud of it hahaha I just hope I don't appear too awkward to anybody.. It was a struggle for me to achieve the mood of 'smiling + shrugging + sad but still really happy to seeing her sister despite all her hidden anguish and helplessness'.

I think Jes did a great job and I am so glad to have this opportunity to try out something I've never done before. It was also really fun to be able to act side by side with Jes, we've been doing the most random things growing up and thankfully for our chemistry so we're obviously not shy with each other. At first, I thought I would freak out in front of the camera or get so shy in front of the production crew (I didn't know any of them beforehand) but I was just jumping around in heels throughout the 6 hours outdoor production and I didn't sleep the night before (was up for 36 hours & had only 4 hours of sleep everyday the same week) - sugar milo high maybe? Guess I was really excited plus the crew was very friendly and patient.

Here's us after the shoot, Sam's in the middle! (:

Thanks for voting for 'Us' once again, if you haven't, here's the link to vote, we appreciate every vote, thank you so much! All the best Sam, we hope you'll win! (:

Till next time!

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