May 3, 2014

Soul to Soul

After our studio shoot for Elska on Friday, we decided to do a casual shoot for ourselves. Kinda reminds me of this random photo session we had in 2008. Both of us chopped off our long hair we kept through secondary school and we wanted to have the photos for keepsake. There wasn't a proper backdrop or proper lighting, all we had was my baby D40x and a tripod, the results were not amazing and my editing skills were terrible at that time but I still have two of the photos framed up in my room. :) The bottom right hand corner photo was taken in 2005 when we still had long hair.

Jes is wearing Classic Lace Dress - Artisanal by Elska. I'm actually wearing a drape fabric. Since it was an impromptu shoot and I don't have any pretty gowns, I decided to 'make' one on the spot so I threw on my faux fur blanket and tightened it with a waistband, et viola! Luckily it doesn't look that bad. We're wearing my diploma collection outfits in the second last photo where we looked like dolls. I was inspired by the Victorian/Baroque Era for this collection sewed in 2010; I have a crazy obsession with lace fabrics and military metal trinkets since young.

A little more personal,
I've known Jes since 2003 and we have been best friends for 11 years. It is almost impossible to pen down how we feel for each other. I have 4 best friends in my life, excluding my brother & cousin (they're gold to me too.) Jason is my boyfriend x best friend. Dion is my platonic best friend and Cf is my brother x best friend (this sounds really childish but it's important to acknowledge them.)

I have several good female friends but Jes remains the only best female friend I've ever had. So when I say best friend, it's true to the term. I cannot be more thankful to have you in my life. You balance me out and pull me back when I get too carried away with crazy ideas but you never fail to support me when my vision stands strong. We are so fortunate to have started Elska together. Thank you for persisting with me, seeing the same light as I do and standing in the same line with me. Let's continue to work hard together for Elska, I love you! :)

p.s thank you dadpapa for helping us out with this shoot! 



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