May 1, 2014

Cold Sunlight

I'm always stuck wondering if I want to look more fair or tanned while growing up. As I grow older, I tend to lean to wanting to look fair but most of the time I'm out in the sun doing shoots so it's almost impossible. I'm so envious of my friends who have really fair skin, even my mum looks super fair! But of course, it's not going to stop me from running errands under the sun, I love the beach, nature and sea too much. And guess what, I'm finally going to Batam next week! It's a very belated trip, we were supposed to go last November (what?! 7 months?!) I know it's only Batam (not like it's Japan or Europe or anything but I'm so excited!) Jason and I try to meet up once a week, it's difficult to arrange a long getaway trip even when he's on his holidays. The last trip we went together was actually a production trip for Elska, it was really sweet for him to accompany me, thank you cuddy. :) I can't wait for next week already!

W A R D R O B E :   E L - S K A . C O M 
P H O T O G R A P H Y :  J E S   W O O   |    E D I T I N G :   M E 


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