May 21, 2014


We finally went on our 3D2N Batam trip! It was on hold since November last year, that's like 7 months?! I didn't know it was so long, since I'm pretty much buried in work all the time. Sorry for making you wait so long Jason! You're the best :)
We reached Tanah Merah at 830am and took Batamfast's ferry over to Turi Beach Resort -Raini Section, it was really fast - only about 45mins (I haven't been to Batam before and I honestly didn't know it was so quick! more getaways maybe??)
We could only check in at 12pm so we went to have brunch at Taming Sari Cafe. Jason had Nasi Kuning and I had Spicy Seafood with rice, to be honest I expected the food to be a lot tastier for its price. The restaurant accepts SG currency and we should have paid in SG dollars as the conversion rate was much better there.

The wifi was quite weak at Turi Beach Resort atrium. I'm very particular when it comes to wifi, I will not go back to a hotel/resort if their wifi is bad. You can offer me bland food but not weak wifi. I understand it's a 'getaway-from-work' resort but I will always need wifi in case Jes or Dad has something urgent to contact me regarding Elska, which happens more often than expected. For the room wifi, we had to call the reception 5 times before they finally gave us the login id and password. The staff seemed reluctant to give us the access which was strange. However the wifi was even weaker in the room so every time when I need to reply emails, I had to go over to the atrium.
Good thing was they served us ginger tea, so that kinda bought me over a little.

After we checked in, we wandered around the nearby areas and took long strolls along the beach, and yes they have hammocks!

In the afternoon, Jason helped to take some scenic shots of me for Elska, guess I can never truly get away from work. We were so hungry after some time and I am sooooo going to bring plenty of snacks if I decide to visit Turi Beach again, their convenience stall sells very limited items and food and they're very expensive. Luckily my mum packed 4 small packets of cereal in our luggages, she's my 'tidbits' savior, especially for my work trips.

Jason insisted we do our cardio exercise after watching sunset together, which we did, really don't sound like a holiday anymore! By the way, we were very lucky to witness fireworks after our workout because there was a wedding going on.
After that we had Teppanyaki for dinner at Nogusaya, quite tasty but not amazing.
We woke up at 5am to catch the sunrise, it's our first time watching a sunrise together, not as romantic as I thought cos there were so many mosquitos! Chasing pink skies before the sun came up, it's so beautiful.

Despite the mosquito bites (about 27 for me, I'm going to bring insect repellant the next time), we really enjoyed the tranquility and each other's company. On a side note, Jason adjusted the manual settings all by himself for these photos, I'm so proud of him! :)
While waiting for breakfast, we did our morning workout, this time it was abs intervals and I also tried out my flexibility, I haven't done yoga for at least 6 months, I should take some time out to train again.

After the workout, we went to chill by the pool, it was so much peace and quietness, the water was warm, surprisingly not cold at all.
Breakfast buffet was alright, food was decent, pretty expected. I had pratas and croissants.
Before we checked out, we took some photos together with camera on self timer.
hehe just gonna annoy each other for the rest of our lives. :)
We took a 20 mins cab to Harris Hotel at Batam Centre, walked around for 2 hours at Mega Mall and had lunch before checking in at 1pm. Harris Hotel was great and had good customer service, they provided ginger tea and hot towels when you arrive and their room was very clean and comfortable. We had a 'sea-view' room, the only downside was that the bathroom was rather small.
We spent the whole afternoon window-shopping and went for our spa appointment at Eska at 4pm (I bet Jason booked it cos it sounds similar to Elska hahaha). I did a full body spa while Jason did facial. After that we went over to Wei Wei Seafood Restaurant for dinner, finally a meal thats delicious and reasonably priced! The staff at Eska arranged their driver to drive us to the restaurant for free, they're very friendly and helpful so you can ask if they could fetch you back to your hotel or a restaurant after your appointment, they will help as much as they can.

The next morning we checked out and went over to Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre. We went to look for 'La Moist Layers' Kueh Lapis brand and bought so much random food while walking around, we had Onneh Onneh, coconuts, JCO donuts, durian ice cream and many more. We had lunch at the famous Ayam Penyet Ria, its very tasty but the portion was quite small (which was actually great), it means we could try out more snacks at other stalls. Something good to mention but most of you would have already known, the shampoos and bathroom products are really cheap there as compared to Singapore so be sure to buy some when you're there. There's really not many things to buy at Nagoya so I only bought a floral midi skirt for myself and a necklace for my mum. Sidetrack a little, I wore this midi skirt to this Fashion summit talk during Audi Fashion Festival arranged by HerWorldPlus, Jes's lecturer got us the tickets and we met up with William, Mai and Moldy. It was an insightful talk and I met Zaazaa there! Oh my god I was so happy to see him again, he was the menswear design director at DKNY Jeans and I loved working at the department, he was so much fun and very helpful. He used to call me this french(?) name but I've forgotten what is it so I'm surprised when he actually called out my real name.

Coming back to topic, we got our Kueh Lapis before leaving, 3 boxes of Classic with Butter and I got an additional set of 4 assorted flavors: Chocolate, Pandan, Cheese and Rainbow. I think that the original classic with butter ones are tastier than the flavored ones.

We went back to Harris Hotel to deposit our cakes and walked over to Mega Mall (5 mins walk) to grab dinner at A&W, Jason was craving for the rootbeer float and he had his Magnum ice cream too! (so cheap! it was only S$1ish?!) I didn't eat it even when it's so cheap though, Magnum is too sweet for me, I'm more of a I-Spam-Salt person.

We decided to leave when there was nothing much left for us to do, we had open tickets so we could leave anytime we felt like it. The ferry terminal was also about 5 mins walk from Harris Hotel, which was extremely convenient. We reached back Singapore at around 8:30pm, I wish we had more time to visit Montigo though, we seldom get to do things like this but I'm still glad to be home and re-charged! Let's hope the next trip can be more work-free. p.s I have more photos from Batam I've yet to post so stay tuned! (:

Till next time,


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