May 7, 2014


I've always loved androgynous styles. My designs will always have a fusion of femininity and masculinity. I can never, ever decide which one I love better. I love dapper and sartorial looks yet at the same time I also adore soft, romantic styles. I thought it's a pretty odd combination until Sarah Burton took over Alexander McQueen and she portrays these aesthetics in her collections; dark, avant garde yet romantic and very feminine. I would die to do high fashion or haute couture again but right now Elska is our main focus and I'm happy working on it.

T O P   &   S H O E S  :   E L - S K A . C O M 
P H O T O G R A P H Y :  J E S   W O O   |    E D I T I N G :   M E

L O C A T I O N:  L A D Y  M
Marina Square Shopping Mall
6 Raffles Bouvelard #02-103 Singapore 039594

Is it weird that I'm missing Lady M's mille crepe and strawberry shortcake now and hoping there's Lady M at Batam tomorrow so that we could try out the new mille crepe flavors?! I guess not.. but at least I know there'll be coconuts and plenty of seafood for sure! (: 

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