April 9, 2014

Spring Surprises

It's so awesome to see Singapore in full bloom. When I saw the flowers, all I could think of was, 'we should totally plan a photoshoot for Elska now, but unfortunately our schedule doesn't permit us to do so.' Such a waste, really. The other day, dad and I got around to Pasir Ris and we took some photos, it was a quick 15 mins casual shoot. I only meant to take 'product' photos but my dad was like 'let's take some face shots since we're here', I didn't curl my hair before leaving the house teehee I really need to visit my hairstylist, Dicky soon! He dresses cool and has magic 'styling' fingers, the only bad thing is that he's not based in Singapore. :(

Can you believe that we completely forgot about this ribbon clutch we had for almost a good 4 months? The stocks were kinda hidden and we got a shock when we discovered that they weren't released on Elska, luckily this design is a classic!

My everyday essentials: Tiffany & Co; anniversary gift from the sweetest boyf (: square rings from I.T HK, YSL Rouge Pur Couture; gift from Jes, Christian Dior Blue Tie Palette, Tinseltown watch from Elska (currently on backorder!).

What I'm sewing these few weeks, yes that's a crazy lot of pattern pieces for a dress (Classic Lace Dress from Artisanal by Elska collection) On a side note, XJ, my good friend of 4 years & I are working on an exciting project together and we can't wait to start. I really hope it'll turn out great and something good can happen. (: *crosses fingers*



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