April 12, 2014

Electric Dreams

#banban says hi (Ace+Ace in chinese blackjack)

We finally found time to visit 2 Degree Ice Art at Bayfront. The temperature was -15°C and boyy it was freezing. Luckily we brought extra gloves, our fingers were so cold. The sculptures were beautiful and I loved the colorful lightings the most, almost like electric dreams I would say. We didn't stay for the falling snow because it was too damn cold. We saw people wearing slippers and shorts and it must be crazy cold for them. I suggest wearing thicker clothing for peeps who intend to go, they have coats for loan but it's really not enough, especially if you intend to stay longer for the slides (super fun!I'm a sucker for slides). A day before we went over, I read online that dslrs may not work ideally in extreme cold conditions as the internal mirror could jam, leaving the shutter unable to work so I didn't want to take the risk to bring them. Fortunately, Jason has a freeze proof camera Sony TX5 we could use but because of the cold, the battery was drained out really fast too so we ended up using our phones and we had to take out our gloves everytime we wanted to take a photo. Although it was only a short 1 hour in this winter hall, we definitely had fun, it was the closest thing to Iceland we could get for now.


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